Travelling in Nepal

I've just uploaded another collection of photos, this time from Nepal.    

Nepal Photos

Nepal is steeped in culture and religion.   It is tough but welcoming.   It is a dangerous place with freak storms, massive landscapes and dangerous festivals.   The people are welcoming and friendly.   The food is simple and tasty.   It is a place with endless paths, millions of steps and soaring mountains.

I can't go into detail about the entire trip around Nepal since I would need to write a book.   Suffice to say it was an experience.  

We went to the birthplace of the Buddah in the town of Lumbini, where pilgrims travel from around the world.   We travelled up into the mountains to the town of Tansen, where we went on a trek, quite unprepared and got lost for 11 hours.   We saw a goat being sacrificed in a temple on the summit of a mountain.   We travelled to Chitwan National Park where we went out into the jungle to see Rhinos and ended up getting plunged into darkness in the most collosal lightning storm I've ever seen.   We stayed in Kathmandu on and off for the 2 months and enjoyed the chaos of the city and the Buffalo momo's.   We witnessed the Nepali New Year at the Bisket Jatra festival where men pulled massive tree trunks into the air with ropes.   We watched as the towns people pulled a huge chariot through the street, killing 4 people over the course of the 8 day festival.   We went on a 9 day, self navigated trek into the Annapurna mountains, up to about 12,000 feet and almost got to Annapurna base camp.   We watched the sunrise over the Himalaya's every morning at 5 before going on 7 hour walking treks.   We went on another trek for 8 days into the Helambu areas of Nepal, to visit remote Buddhist villages and to see the Langtang mountains.   We went to many buddhist monasteries all over the country.   We walked along ridges in the mountains with the clouds below us.   We seen strikes and protests in the streets of Kathmandu.   We met hundreds of people from the cities and the countryside all over Nepal with a different outlook on life from the West.

That's a bit of a rush through events, but if you want to hear about it or fancy going yourself, get me in the pub with a pint and I'll tell you all about it.   If you have ever wanted to see the Himalaya's, go for it.   Its amazing.

Next gallery will be some panoramas from Nepal. 

Faces of India Gallery

Finally I've got my first collection of photos from my trip to Asia up and on my website.   This is a collection of photos of some of the people I met across India.

After spending 4 months travelling and talking to hundreds of people across the country, generalisations do not work.   India is a complex country with over 2000 years of history that feeds into modern life.   This creates a mindset that would take years to decipher and creates paradoxes that confound.   I think that any judgements or simplification would be wrong.

All I know is that I want to go back to meet more of the people, be overwhelmed by the culture, amazed by everyday moments and try to learn more about this amazing place.   It is rare to find a country so unique as India in the modern world.

So, more India galleries to come and more of the other countries we visited as well...

Band Photoshoot - The Energy Practice


I've just completed a band photoshoot in London for 'The Energy Practice'.   One of my friends Andy is in the band and he needed some promo shots so he gave me a shout.


We shot mainly around Finsbury Park after Colin, on of the band members, had a look around for locations.   It was freezing but we still had a bit of a laugh.

It was a fun experience and after my initial nerves passed, I learn't a lot.   Next time I think that I need to find the locations myself so that I can be a bit more prepared and have an idea what I'm going to shoot before we get there.   On the other hand, an adaptive, free form method keeps it interesting in a way that street photography works. The other part is I need to be able to direct people in a clearer way.

Cheers guys, was interesting!

For more about 'The Energy Practice' go to their Facebook page.

Garry Winogrand

"The things that were photographed were often beautiful.   And its a hell of a problem to photograph something that's beautiful to start with.   The photograph should be more interesting or more beautiful than what was photographed."