Faces of India Gallery

Finally I've got my first collection of photos from my trip to Asia up and on my website.   This is a collection of photos of some of the people I met across India.

After spending 4 months travelling and talking to hundreds of people across the country, generalisations do not work.   India is a complex country with over 2000 years of history that feeds into modern life.   This creates a mindset that would take years to decipher and creates paradoxes that confound.   I think that any judgements or simplification would be wrong.

All I know is that I want to go back to meet more of the people, be overwhelmed by the culture, amazed by everyday moments and try to learn more about this amazing place.   It is rare to find a country so unique as India in the modern world.

So, more India galleries to come and more of the other countries we visited as well...

Band Photoshoot - The Energy Practice


I've just completed a band photoshoot in London for 'The Energy Practice'.   One of my friends Andy is in the band and he needed some promo shots so he gave me a shout.


We shot mainly around Finsbury Park after Colin, on of the band members, had a look around for locations.   It was freezing but we still had a bit of a laugh.

It was a fun experience and after my initial nerves passed, I learn't a lot.   Next time I think that I need to find the locations myself so that I can be a bit more prepared and have an idea what I'm going to shoot before we get there.   On the other hand, an adaptive, free form method keeps it interesting in a way that street photography works. The other part is I need to be able to direct people in a clearer way.

Cheers guys, was interesting!

For more about 'The Energy Practice' go to their Facebook page.

Garry Winogrand

"The things that were photographed were often beautiful.   And its a hell of a problem to photograph something that's beautiful to start with.   The photograph should be more interesting or more beautiful than what was photographed."

So, to sum up...


Photo - Somewhere in Goa, the only Christian state in India

10 months travelling around the world!   I've not really posted anything about it on this blog since I've got back!


Well, I've been thinking about it and I really can't put the trip into words.   I started writing and what came out was cliches.   In India I wrote whole blogposts and at the end I felt like it had all been written before.   I was saying nothing new and it was all quite generic compared to the experience.   I've tried writing since I got back, but to no avail.

I experienced so much while being away that its really impossible to get it across.   We travelled so far and experienced so much that when I got back and people asked me 'How was the trip?', I had no words for them.   Do I say it was amazing?   Unbelievable?   Do I go into individual stories of what happened in different places?   Do I try to sum up the experience in a paragraph or two?   Do I speak about politics and corruption?   Or talk about religion and beliefs.   Do I tell them a timeline of events from the start, until they glaze over?   In the end, I really just didn't say very much.   I still haven't spoken about it with many people.

Maybe I'm just not a good enough writer.   Maybe the experience was so vast that there's no way to sum it up.

And my photos?   Its just impossible really.   They are a glimpse.   Frozen moments that have been plucked out of the chaos.   Some cliched, some slightly more unique.   I've been looking at them for so long now, trying to piece them together to turn them into something that describes the experience.   But they can't.   I needed to realise that they can't get across the feel of the place.   But they are what they are.   I need to stop trying to reach an impossible goal and just get them out into the world.

So, I'm back in the UK for a good 6 months now and am starting to get a bit of perspective on the whole thing.   I really can't put it into words but I don't need to!   Its an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life and maybe that's enough.

Asia - First Photos


"What's your name?"

"Where'd you come from?"

In 2012 I went travelling for 8 months around India, Nepal and China.  


I travelled on local transport for thousands of miles, walked for hundreds, ate the local food and lived as deep in these countries as I could.   I visited around 60 places, both the massive cities and the tiny towns.   I went to the tourist attractions and got off the beaten path.


The project I've come back with is of both the people and the landscapes of these countries.   These two aspects are both integral to the character of the countries but inform different aspects of the experience.  


The photos above are a small selection from the start of the trip, to give a taste.   I'm working on an offline project at the moment to get these photos into the world and on to paper.


More to come...