The never ending man-made skyline, thousands of buildings, signifying millions of lives.

Long streets that disappear to a point in perspective, passing through diverse neighbourhoods, both rich and poor.

Energy that seems to come from beneath your feet, like the smoke from the manholes, creating a charged atmosphere on every street corner.

People moving in every direction below buildings from the movies.

This city is a monument to America, to capitalism and the American dream. A physical realisation of the ideas of a young country in the process of designing its own history and mythology.

Only one week.

Stay in the streets.  




My idea with this project?   To create a book that captures the feel of the city in photos.   To give the flavour of walking through the place and trying to capture some of the atmosphere of being there.   To try to give my own perspective on the city.   To tell a story of a place.

Did I succeed?   Judge for yourself and have a view the book