NY - My New York Photobook

New York.   NY.   

I’ve finally finished my New York book, NY.  

At the end of July, I went over to America for a two week break with my family and girlfriend, and as always I took my camera. We headed to New York and Washington but once I arrived I realised that I would have to focus the book on New York due to the sheer amount of moments I managed to capture there.

My idea?   To capture the feel of the city in photos.   To give the flavour of walking through the place and trying to capture some of the atmosphere of being there.   To try to give my own perspective on the city.   To tell a story of a place.

Did I succeed?   Judge for yourself and have a look through the book (better to hit the full screen button at the bottom right of the viewer):


If you want to have a closer look at a real one and see the rest of the book, you can buy it here or give me a shout and we can meet up to show you a copy.

This has been the toughest photography project to date, but I feel that it was worth it.   Making books makes total sense to me at the moment.   I’m currently more interested in a group of photos that tell me more about something than individual ones and a book is the best way to put them together.   

Keep a lookout for more blogposts showing selected photos from the book.

New York is an amazing place, I just wish I had more time.