Ava's Photobook

Over the last year I've been working on an ongoing project for my niece Ava.   This is actually the biggest photo project that I've done so far.   I've been taking photos of her just about every month since she was born with the idea of making a book of them.    Well, I've finished it and I think its came out pretty well.

I used Blurb Books to make it.   You download software off of their website which allows you to construct a book.   You can lay out pictures and put in text.   Its pretty basic software but if you spend a bit of time you can get round any limitations the software imposes.   I did the sleeve and some of the pages in Photoshop to give me a bit more flexibility.   Once you finish making the book, you can then send it off to get printed.   

Heres some shots of the final result:

Was really happy with the results and the printing came out excellent.   I used the premium paper option which was a bit heavier than the normal paper.   I chose the dust jacket option for the cover, which I think is nicer than the image being printed directly on to the hardback.

The binding and quality of the final result was pretty much professional and the 160 pages made a reasonable sized book.

I had a bit of hassle with the book disappearing in the post.   I got it delivered using normal post which was a massive problem over christmas.   The book never appeared, so I got in touch with Blurb and they just printed off and sent me a new one!   Great service.

Would definitely recommend making a book with Blurb.   I'm in the process of planning my next one!

It you would like to have a closer look or buy the book, you can go here:


You can also view a preview in there if you want by clicking on the cover.

I hope that she enjoys this book later in her life and its not too embarrassing for her!