The Press Photographer's Year

The Press Photographer's Year awards is currently showing in the National Theatre in London.

This is a showcase of the best of British press photography over the last year and has been running for 5 years now.   I've been to the last 2 exhibitions and will keep going back.   There are many different categories, which shows a diverse range of photos, from the horrors of the Bhopal Union Carbide disaster to sports and landscape sections.   The diversity of photos means that each wall of the exhibition presents you with a different view of the world.   Most of the photos are of a high standard although some need the context described before you understand what it really means.
I also find that news that doesn't hit the headlines much, like the Kashmir conflict is shown and brought to light in this show.

Although this is not as impressive as the World Press Photo exhibition, mainly due to its lack of substantial photo essays, it definitely shows a great selection of work.  
The only thing that let the show down was that the photo notes were grouped together on one board rather than next to the photos.   This mean't that, generally you had many people trying to read off the small board at one time and you were away from the photo when you were reading its description.   This brought the focus away from the photos, which I found a bit dissapointing.   This has been the same layout since the exhibition started, but I hope they change it at some point!

Click here to see the slideshow of the exhibition photos but I would recommend going to see them at the show first.