Here are some videos showing the work of a few photographers I've been interested in recently.   I've bought a book by each of these guys which are amazing and a continual source of inspiration.

The first photographer, Alex Webb is a street photographer with a great asthetic.   He gets in so close and manages to create amazing compositions in a split second.   I'm also interested in his use of mirrors in a lot of his pictures.   He uses reflections to create more complex and interesting shots, creating compositions within compositions.   He also uses posts and pillars in the street to divide his photos again and again.   His shots are often underexposed, creating mood and atmosphere, with muted colours.   Creating harmony out of complexity is a real skill.

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William Albert Allard is a master of colour.   I love the colour range in his pictures and the quiet feel of many of his shots.   He imbues a level of quiet calm in his photos and manages to convey mood and emotion through many of his shots.   His book is also a fascinating read, covering his life and many adventures in photography.   Reading his thoughts again show a quiet mind and shows where the quiet in his shots come from.

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David Alan Harveys work is amazing!   His shots are rich, vibrant and have so much mood.   He creates exceptional and interesting compositions which often break the rules of composition but are composed better than most photographs you see.   He seems to capture the soul of a place and shows the richness of life and the makes you want to catch the next flight out to an exotic location.

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These 3 photographers are fantastic examples of what photography can be.   Deep, interesting, rich and with an individual perspective on the world, that comes through in the composition and the colour.