Band Photoshoot - The Energy Practice


I've just completed a band photoshoot in London for 'The Energy Practice'.   One of my friends Andy is in the band and he needed some promo shots so he gave me a shout.


We shot mainly around Finsbury Park after Colin, on of the band members, had a look around for locations.   It was freezing but we still had a bit of a laugh.

It was a fun experience and after my initial nerves passed, I learn't a lot.   Next time I think that I need to find the locations myself so that I can be a bit more prepared and have an idea what I'm going to shoot before we get there.   On the other hand, an adaptive, free form method keeps it interesting in a way that street photography works. The other part is I need to be able to direct people in a clearer way.

Cheers guys, was interesting!

For more about 'The Energy Practice' go to their Facebook page.