Horizon 202 - Second roll

Here’s the second roll I shot on the Horizon 202 camera on ISO800 Lomography Colour Negative film. I started shooting these before I got the previous roll developed (see previous post).

I thought I’d write up a little description about what I think of the photo along with each shot. This was quite helpful for analysing the shot and will hopefully help me to learn how to work this camera faster.

The scanning shop scanned the film edges and thought I’d keep them on. What do you think? is it distracting from the photos?

The scans are also quite different in feel from the previous posts batch in terms of colour. Not too sure if they were handled differently when scanned. Or that including the negative sprocket holes affected the colour correction accuracy when scanning, but I still feel that the colours are nice.

Overall, I’m pleased with these shots and feel like I’m starting to understand how to shoot with this panoramic format. Some of the shots are sloping a bit too much in one direction or the other but I really need to find the sweet spot, since I don’t think I need the horizon perfectly flat in each shot either.

I really need to find subject matter that works in a panoramic frame. I’m shooting about 120 degrees, I think, but it doesn’t come across as quite so wide in the images.

Any feedback welcome!