Horizon 202 Panoramic Camera

So, you might think I’m crazy to buy 2 panoramic cameras but I also bought the Horizon 202.


I also got the snazzy case for free . . . .

The previous blogpost photos were shot on the Horizont. The Horizont is a much more pleasing looking camera but I ended up with a lot of light leaking around the photos. I’ve got it in to repair, so luckily I bought this other one….

I wasn’t too hopeful for this camera since it was a lot cheaper than the Horizont but as you can see, it seemed to perform much better!

The photos are pretty sharp, there is very little light leaking and I managed to get the whole roll out of the camera without problems this time.

I love the curved lines that these cameras produce, although its not everyones cup of tea. Look at that horizon!

The Film

I was shooting Lomography Colour Negative 800, so if you have a look, there is a lot of grain in the photos. I quite like the grain but it would also be interesting to test out the Lomo 100 to take photos that are a bit more clean.

I love the color of this film. It shifts the color prefectly in different lighting conditions and produces really pleasing results. It also does pretty well in the highlights by not blowing out details as much as I expected. It is a nice contrast to the previous roll I shot on the Horizont which was more muted.

I need to shoot iso 100 film to really give it a test, so will probably get some portra 160 the next time I load it up, but the results are pretty sharp considering.

Take Aways

I think I need to get closer to subjects. This is really important but since it is a very wide angle lens I need to always keep this in my mind.

I also need to work with depth in the shot, to get more foreground, midground and background elements.

You can see that I never wound on the film for the first photo correctly, which is a bit of a bummer since it would have been a better photo than the second one.

At sunset, I probably need to watch my shadow in the photo.

I have learned that you simply can’t shoot in a pub at night….

Also, it looks like I shot about 10 photos in the second to last shot! Not too sure how that shot has so many different bits, but it definitely had something to do with the fact that I reached the end of the film with my last shot.

A lot of my photos here are out with family and friends, so i fancy getting into London for the day to do a bit of street photography with this machine.

So, below are the rest of my shots from this film. I think the two above are the best of the bunch but what do you think?