World Press Photo

I went to see the World Press Photo exhibition at Royal Exhibition Hall in London.

Most of the photos on show were part of photo essays from the major world events of the last year.   This display of the photo essays really made the exhibition.   Sometimes a photo needs to be part of a collection for its meaning to really shine through.  

I was amazed at the quality and have come away thinking that photo essays are the way forward.   Your photos really need to be linked with either a visual style, similar subject matter or actually creating a story arc for the photos.

This exhibition also shows the distinct lack of good coverage of world events by British news organisations.   As news programmes become more commercial, it seems that real news is disappearing and in its place is the sound-bite.   This exhibition shows how powerful the display of real news can be.   I think that the media needs to support the ongoing efforts of the photojournalist and get back to real reporting.