Tactical Nuclear Penguin

So, 'what is Tactical Nuclear Penguin?', I hear you say. Well, its the worlds strongest beer!
And 'what is your interest in this beer other than for consumation purposes?' This beer is brewed in my home Town Fraserburgh!

If you don't know, I live in Guildford now but for many years of my life, I lived in Fraserburgh. Its a wee town in the North East tip of Scotland which, up to now been famous for its massive Heroin problems.

The strongest beer in the world being brewed there is a actually a positive thing for the town. If you want some, I think you can contact Brewdog, the makes of this potent substance. I love the brand and looking forward to maybe trying some at Christmas! Its also made by another James Watt, which is cool. Its a bit expensive at either £35 or £250 but you never know.